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We use the term *Shipping* to include:

  • the cost of purchase from the manufacturer including:
    • payment processing,
    • accounting and
    • foreign exchange transfer fees,
  • the cost of shipping to each fulfilment or freight-forwarding warehouse,
  • the cost of export and import into each warehouse,
  • the cost of safe storage,
    • cleaning,
    • safety and
    • rotation, and then
  • the cost of postage and packing
    • picking,
    • packing,
    • packaging,
    • carrier delivery,
    • carrier postal charges and finally,
      • any applicable import duties and taxes for your delivery country,
      • and the cost of tracking and then delivery confirmation processing by your local last-mile carrier.

Ja, da ist viel dabei!

Keine Sorge, unsere Aufgabe ist es, Ihnen zu zeigen, wie Sie diese Kosten so niedrig wie möglich halten können!

You can read more in the full article on how we calculate Preisgestaltung.

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