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Hello you!

We hope you are enjoying browsing the website and just wanted to say how much we appreciate your support of our independence in serving you as our highest priority.

We love both working and shopping online – and work hard here every day to find and get you the largest range of products that we believe offer the best value and benefits to our customers and own families too.

You can talk to us on the phone from any country, in quite a few different languages too – we answer as quickly as we can on weekdays, but not on weekends (because everyone need some rest and family-time).

You can chat with us via the Live Chat button at the bottom of every page – where you may find us online earlier, later and on the weekend too with those on the team on different schedules  – try us!

You can email us with questions and retour d'information on the Contactez nous page any time – we tend to have all emails answered at the end of each day but will let you know if the answer might need more research.

However you prefer, we’re here to help!

If you want to know more about the products and offers, try us, we work with our brands every day, and will get you all the information you need direct from them if we don’t already know.

If you have specific priorities, like finding the best offers, or getting something quickly, just ask and we’ll let you know what we can recommend.

If there’s a delay – we personally promise you have not been forgotten. Because we source brands from all over the World, and now post out quite a few thousand orders a day, it is always possible that there might be a stock shortage from a good offer or a short delay waiting for a fresh batch – but because we only work direct with manufacturers, and the whole team has a direct line to all brands, then we can assure you, your orders are always processed as quickly as possible, livraison from whichever warehouse will get you your items as efficiently as livraison options will allow, always considering all the potential quirks and requirements there are nowadays with the international movement of food and health products.

If you have any recommendations of your own, or product and feature requests – great – send them to us any way you can, we have a team of over a dozen developers actively developing our website, editorial, range and logistics capabilities every day – and they read every suggestion ticket we log – so let us know.

And thank you, from all of the team here – we can only grow with your valued custom and support, and we never take that for granted.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – and when life gives you choices, please make healthy ones – we’re all happier when we are healthier and that’s what we wish for every single person, all your families and the many friends we make working with such great brands and customers.

Cheers from all of your team!

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