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We use the terms shipment to mean; one or more paquets with physical goods, downloads for digital products, and project or job completion for services.

Email Confirmations

When your goods or services shipment is posted, or completed, that is the point of final invoicing and you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes showing that the dispatch commitment part of our role has now been completed, and all the details you need to track or download that part of your order.

Multiple-Shipment Orders

One order can, and often is, dispatched in many shipments. We do this to get you all of your goods as quickly as possible with multiple people, warehouses and parallel systems working on dispatching orders every day.

Suivi de commande

Please be assured that our systems store and process all your order needs as quickly as possible, and when you have a confirmation for part of an order being dispatched you can also take that as confirmation that the next or final part of your order will be dispatched next, and usually very soon within the dispatch estimate.

Contrôle de qualité

If for any reason our quality-control or stock-checks find any rare issues, we will also email you with those details, and your available options if that means choosing between an alternative product option, credit voucher applied to your account or refund if you prefer.

To understand more on the costs and prix for order processing, please read this article for more details on shipping and price calculations.

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