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Delayed Mail & Enquiry Response Times

Updated: 10th September 2020

To our valued customers, we would firstly like to apologise for any delay you might have experienced with regards to your delivery or response to any queries submitted over the past month. We have experienced an unprecedented increase in order enquiries, on the back of shipping delays with US brands in particular.

We are all here working for you 7-days a week, doing everything to ensure items are shipped and delivered as soon as possible, considering the various complications that have arisen due to recent events, all orders are shipped the day the stock is available.

Rest assured that all orders are recorded, queued and being shipped out. We are now reducing the backlog of remaining orders from the past month. All staff have been working tirelessly to expedite shipping where possible and respond to each and every enquiry we receive – which has increased from around 200-300 emails per day, to over 600 per day with peak demand, and can mean significantly longer reply times, often overlapping the actual delivery and additional correspondence from those confirmations.

To speed up response times we have hired an additional 4 customer service staff, working to return to your promised response time of 24 hours for all enquiries as soon as possible.

In light of the issues experienced with shipping times, our buying & logistics team has also been working to secure more of your favourite products at our warehouses closer to home. This will result in overall quicker shipping times and reduce the risk of delays.

Please remember, when comparing websites that we cover all import duties and taxes. The price you see is the price you pay, never more, and always less with volume discounts.

Previously we were providing estimated delivery times between 3 and 10 working days, which did rise to between 8 and 30 working days through peak demand, something we have also experienced as customers ourselves. Although, as postal systems are protected in law, all goods do arrive, and the very few that are undeliverable, do come back to us in a similar time with reporting for those addresses for review and contact.

As we clear through the backlog of orders, delivery times will return to previous estimates and this will be displayed on the checkout page and order confirmation emails for each item. If your order is time sensitive, may we recommend the many options we offer for UK brands already in stock nearer to the majority of customers.

We are happy to report that more customers are receiving their goods over the past few days, so we ask that any customers who have not yet received their items remain patient for a little while longer, as all orders will arrive shortly, and are in the hands of the national postal network and their statutory safe delivery protections.

We are a relatively small team passionate for health and personal service, grateful for your custom and support of our independent business and unique international range, which allows us to continue providing a broad range of health product experience, sourced from around the world, and delivered at the lowest possible prices.

Wishing you the best of health for you and your families, from all of us at Health Monthly.

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