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Due to the international variety of products we offer and customer locations we serve, we have a number of warehouses around the world to service orders and returns.

Each warehouse exists for certain efficiencies it can offer on certain routes, although for the transparency and flexibility, we offer you the choice of dispatch location preference selection when ordering.

This is shown as the “Ship from” button on each Product Details page, and again in the Basket and Checkout, to help you optimise your ordering based on your priorities – whether they be the lowest price, nearest location or some other special reason due to your location and the differences you may experience with your customs rules, local carriers and their process differences.

We believe in transparency and choice in showing you this information and giving you these options, so that you can see the costs and benefits related to each to help better server your personal preferences and priorities.

If you have any further local insight you can share with us on what works best for you, them please let our Customer Services team know, so that they can liaise with the Buying and Logistics teams to continue to offer the best possible choice and service in partnership with you.

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