Prohibited and Restricted Items

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All information on products on the website is provided as editorial reporting on publicly available information for products from the manufacturer, as published in the country of origin – which can, and often will, differ from that normally expected in other countries, from which the internet generally enables viewing without censorship – in the same way you can view published material and products in any country you visit in person.

As a user or customer, you are responsible for conducting your own independent research for your country of residence, viewing or importation with regard to the local laws and regulations on any differences in the information being reported and your local information sources.

Manufacturers are responsible for compliance with the laws in their country of origin, which will often differ from other countries, so should only be read with respect to the laws of the country of manufacturing and cannot be relied upon outside of that country without further research and comparison to local differences.

You are responsible for your personal reading, interpretation, importation, and consumption based upon your privileged knowledge of your personal circumstances, locality, and regional differences.

All website users are considered personal, and all shipments are considered to be for personal importation purposes only, as direct purchases from the manufacturer in the country of origin to the purchaser, as a personal individual importer of record and final consumer yourself or for your friends or family.

Any website users or customers that have ordering patterns or volumes that do not appear to be personal may have their orders cancelled and refunded, then be invited to complete a reseller or commercial relationship account application form to provide further information on their business, which may or may not result in an account being opened at our discretion, on our expectations for the relationship to be conducted in-line with all applicable agreements, policies and procedures, for which we may or may not be able to specify the reasons for restricting or declining website usage, orders or accounts, depending on the necessary confidentiality and security of managing these policies without providing sufficient information to enable any iteration for the purposes of circumventing systems.

We will endeavour to warn or restrict shipment of products to countries where personal or commercial importation laws, payment processors, and carrier policies may reject, confiscate, or have penalties for importation or usage – we cannot be held responsible for user and customer actions across borders where different or conflicting laws and policies are beyond the scope or our publishing information for the countries of origin, and reasonable attempts to publish multi-country information without claiming that we can monitor, maintain and provide information on every relevant law in every country beyond the advice to review your local government and carrier websites.

We will not import on behalf of personal or commercial customers, manufacturers or suppliers, any product into any country where the contents are prohibited or restricted without licencing.

The importer of record will always be declared as the personal purchaser and final consumer or destined reseller – our services are limited to the the publishing of information and management of data processing between manufacturers and customers.

We will provide product descriptions, commodity codes and values based on their recorded costs and manufacturer provided description under our obligations to customs authorities to be provided with comprehensive and accurate information for their monitoring and assessment of limitations, duties and taxes.

Manufacturers must provide all available information as to the merchantability of their products to customers in the country of origin and potential for viewing and orders for shipping to any other country through product labels, data feeds and related documentation.

Website users and customers must declare the information requested in forms accurately and honestly, and be able to evidence this information on request within applicable privacy and confidentiality laws for any prohibited or restriction potential warnings or limitations to be possible; we cannot be held responsible for any misinformation attempts to circumvent and restrictions whether comprehensive, foreseen or not.

In our duty of care we advise that sole reliance on the information published, not reading all information, terms and conditions, and not conducting further independent research or seeking professional advice, is solely your responsibility and we have no control over user actions beyond studying those actions that are recorded for study in designing further information processes to assist in guidance towards further research or restriction of shipments or accounts.

We will gather and republish any information provided to us by verified 3rd parties on prohibited or restricted products or information for reference purposes only, and without claim that this information is accurate, comprehensive or complete given our role as a publisher and communications platform – for which we invite cooperative communication via our Contact Us page.

In short, don’t do anything you shouldn’t or try to use our systems to facilitate it because we will make all reasonable attempts to evolve systems to advise against and prevent this.

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