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Can I still take a product if it’s expired?

Expired products won’t become toxic, but they’ll gradually lose potency beyond the best used by date. Probiotics, fatty acids and liquids should be used as soon as possible after the best used date since they’re more vulnerable to loss of potency. Most supplements in pill or powder form can be used for another year past the best by date. Minerals, which are very stable, could even be used for two years past the best by date. We don’t have research documentation on the rate of potency loss beyond the best by date.

Short-Dated Products

Items are considered short-dated when there are less than 3 months shelf-life remaining.

Colour Variations

Please note, all supplements, especially herbs, can and do have natural colour variations from lot to lot, and even from jar to jar. Botanical ingredients have a distinct and earthy odour noticeable after opening the bottle.

Will supplements interact with my medications?

Since we aren’t licensed as pharmacists or medical practitioners, you’ll need to consult with either your pharmacist or health care provider about interactions.

What does “Standardised” mean?

Herbal supplements are often available in two major forms, whole herb and standardised.

Whole herbs have a variable level of active components. Potency will vary with growing conditions and time of harvest. Whole herb products are generally the mildest form of a herb, and often have higher amounts recommended for suggested servings.

Standardised herbs have a set percentage of active components that is consistent from batch to batch. Standardised herbs are not only more consistent than whole herbs, but more potent as well because the manufacturer can incorporate a higher percentage of active components during processing than the concentrations found in whole herbs.

Recommended serving sizes are often smaller in terms of weight such as milligrams and in total number of capsules or tablets suggested per day.

Probiotic Storage

Many of the probiotics we sell do not require refrigeration and are best stored in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration can, however, extend the shelf-life of probiotics and would be best kept refrigerated during the summer months. For more information on specific products, please see the individual product pages.


Manufacturing (MFG) & Expiration (EXP) Dates

Swanson MFG (Manufacture Date)

Swanson products are often marked with a Manufacture (MFG) date rather than an Expiry (EXP) date. Unless specified by an expiry date, products are considered stable at full potency for two years from the MFG date. Exceptions to this include liquids and probiotics which are considered stable for one year from the MFG date.

Please note: Swanson occasionally re-test the stability of products and if found to have a longer shelf life will issue an extended expiry date for that batch. We include the results of any re-testing under the ‘Additional Information’ tab on the product page.

Manufacture Date

The Manufacture Date printed on the label represents the date upon which the product was produced and is your assurance of quality and freshness. Often, on a dark coloured bottle, the MFG date will be printed on the bottom of the bottle. All Swanson products are produced by approved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant manufacturers to meet specified standards for quality and stability.

Swanson will continue to test and study their products to assure they meet the expected shelf-life (in most cases two years from the date of manufacturer). This change in label dating is due to a modification of regulatory requirements and does not represent a change in the quality of Swanson brand products.

Rest assured that there has been no change to the ingredient selection or manufacturing procedures and Swanson brand products continue to meet and exceed the most stringent quality control standards. Swanson will continue to require that their manufacturers develop and formulate products to maintain their quality for the expected timeframe (two years for most products, one year for probiotics and some liquid products).

This change in product dating applies only to Swanson brand supplements and does not include food items or topical or cosmetic products (creams, lotions, shampoo, etc.)

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