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If you have a product or service that you wish to offer, please do take a look at what we currently do first – and then let us know what makes your offering stand out or further improves our own aspirations for the greater good.

Please make sure you read our Mission Statement and Proudly Open Source pages to make sure your organisation is in align with our philosophies.

If you believe you can provide something innovative and efficient to help our team and customers then do Contact Us here in the first instance with your pitch and relevant links.

We treat all communications confidentially as per our Privacy Policy.

Obviously, we do receive a lot of unsolicited sales-pitches, which is fine and if you are rightly proud of your opportunity, and trust in our capable judgement to see the value in it, then we will too and we will get back to you.

Although, please excuse us if we don’t or it takes time because are are always focused on our own long list of priorities and when the time is right, we’ll certainly be reviewing all information we have when any new decisions are being made.

And thank you for thinking of us!

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