Our aim is always to exceed your expectations and our agreements are written in plain language, to be meaningful and relied upon.

In writing and sharing these agreements, we have detailed what you can expect from us, and what we need from you to deliver a high-quality service.

We really do work for you! We work to earn a trustworthy reputation, and share thoughtful communications that we all feel are respectful for happy relationships.

They are both our contract with you for doing business and sharing information, and a guide to how we work for your good self, as a partner, in servicing your orders and providing information you can rely on.

Please do at least take a little time to be be aware of these agreements, the areas of partnership they relate to, and how they can also help you in having a guide to us and all we aim to do.

We’re a team of people just like you, here every day on email, chat and the phone, passionate about doing a good job, and always looking to improve every area of our information and services as we evolve our offering.

If you spot anything you think we can improve do click on the 🙂 icon on any page to open the Feedback window and send us your thoughts.

We work hard for your feedback and really do ready and respond to everything you ask of us, and we hope you agree that promoting good ethical business is good for us all…