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Natural Factors was founded in Canada in 1965. Since then the privately owned company has developed into a leader of the nutraceutical industry and is recognised for its modern manufacturing techniques as well as their cutting-edge research.

Natural Factors produce supplements which support many aspects of health and well-being. Their wide range includes extracts from a variety of plants, berries and seeds as well as capsules and drinks produced in their own laboratory which is one of the largest in Canada. Natural Factors have more than fifty scientists working exclusively on creating the most efficient and effective supplements on the market. Their research, quality assurance and product development departments all play an important part in creating the excellence that Natural Factors is now known for.

Natural Factors’ products include supplements to help manage stress, ageing, maintaining and improving brain function, and providing immune support. They also produce a number of supplements for vegan diets and vitamins for the whole family. Whatever ailment, condition or concern you have; Natural Factors will have the answer.

Natural Factors produce a number of ingredients, including Echinacea and a variety of herbs, on their own farms in British Columbia. These ingredients are harvested by hand and swiftly processed at their own extraction plant nearby. Other ingredients are sourced from across the globe but all are rigorously checked for quality before they are allowed to form part of a Natural Factors product. It is a point of principle within the company that no product leaves without rigorous testing for quality and purity.

Within their in-house production team, Natural Factors are able to boast more than fifty highly qualified scientists whose expertise is the envy of the industry. These men and women come from a variety of backgrounds with a wide assortment of specialisms ensuring that the team is at the cutting edge of all aspects of nutrition and dietary developments. On top of this impressive wealth of knowledge, Natural Factors consult widely with other experts and scientists at universities around the world. This helps to ensure that the company remains at the cutting edge of nutraceutical development.

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